"Small Boats with Big Attitude"

   These drift boats are crafted completely by hand,one at a time. Each curve and line have been carefully designed and created by Phil Croff, master craftsman, wood enthusiast and avid fly fisherman. 

                            "Enjoy the site, and feel free to call or email. Thank you."

"Cedar Driftboats and Big Brown Trout" 

by videographer Matt Dunn,

Peer into the mind of the builder, Phil Croff, in this 5 minute video, and check out how Matt captured some great night time action fishing for big browns.


 "We have some of the fastest and most technical water in the state, here in the Tip of the Mitt. I really needed to construct a boat that could safely and easily navigate the fast, small rivers in the area I live, Northern Michigan. They move through the water with stealth and responsiveness. The wide footprint enhances their stability, and the smaller size makes it easy to put in and take out anywhere you desire."  


  Here at Croff Craft we are very pleased to be partnered with the Orvis company. Our two seat, twelve foot model is being built exclusively for Orvis customers, on an order only basis. (Click here to visit Orvis.)  This boat has been termed by some " the little four wheel drive drift boat," thus the slogan, 

"Small Boats with Big Attitude".                    

   Setting yourself apart today, in a market that is ever changing is a difficult task. Here at Croff Craft we are up to the challenge. Creating boats like this one for Orvis, we continue to pair together the beauty, and the beast. Constantly striving to improve buoyancy, maneuverability while still maintaining the highest level of user friendly functionality is our priority. Building timeless, rugged, works of art, that are pure fishing machines, is what we will continue to do. 

We would like to build you your last boat.