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Our Story

In 1994, around the age of 25, Phil Croff started night fishing with a friend looking for the elusive 'big browns' that he knew hunkered downing in the small streams of Northern Michigan. At 4 am one night, after wading on foot in the dark for hours, "it got old, and it got old fast" Croff says.  It was then that he decided he needed to find an easier means of covering more water, safer and deeper in the woods where nobody else could fish.  


It didn't  take long for Phil to realize that most boats he rowed were not only tipsy, but too heavy or too big to go where he wanted to fish. With a strong background in the construction,  Phil set out on a mission to turn his passion of working with wood, and combine it, with his love of fishing.  "I needed a boat that if I had to get through four inches of water on the flat, I wanted to be able to do that."  


28 years later he has dialed in what makes the perfect light, maneuverable and extremely sturdy little drift boat that owns the water she floats, turning heads wherever she goes.  

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