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Croff Craft Guide Services

Explore Northern Michigan's premier trout waters. Float in a custom built cedar drift boat, and see the beauty of Northern Michigan's finest rivers.


From dry fly sipping rainbows in a soft pool, to explosive action of browns breaking the dead silence of the darkness, your adventure awaits.

Full day trip:

Enjoy a full day of fly fishing in Northern MI 

Floats for one or two people.  Included are fly rods, reels and flies. 

Night Trips:

Up to two people 

Enjoy the unique experience of floating down the river after dark, with a bright starlit sky above. Guide service Includes fly rods, reels, and flies. Half-night floats or walk-ins upon request.


What you need to bring on your fly fishing trip

  1. Weather appropriate clothing and footwear i.e. wading sandals or waders when needed.

  2. Any specific sunblock or bug repellent you like, we carry 40% Deet cutters.

  3. Polarized sunglasses; These are a MUST to be able to cut through the glare on the water.

  4. Your Michigan Fishing License; You can purchase an online license, all species 24 hour, 72 hour or annual license, by following this link: 

Half day trip: 

Enjoy a half day of guided fly fishing in Northern Michigan. Float for one or two people.  Included are fly rods, reels, and flies.

Please contact for most up to date pricing


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